Investigating AFM Images

Here is an example of an AFM images with highly aligned fibers:

Aligned fibers AFM Image

We have applied the SpatialStatsFFt Matlab function to this image and obtained the following spatial statistics:

Spatial Stats FFt of Aligned fibers

Although the plotted spatial statistics contains little infomation about the image, the difference in the spatial statistics is apparent compared to the statistics of an AFM image with few fibers.

AFM Image with little to no fibers

Few fibers AFM

SpatialStatsFFt of the Above AFM Image

SSFFT of few fibers

SpatialStatsFFt of Image Sections

To better utalize the SpatialStatsFFt functions, we calculated statistis for small sections of the AFM image.

Section of AFM Image

Img Section

Black and White Threshold Representation of Image

Image Section BW

SpatialStatsFFt of Section of AFM Image

SSFFT of Image Section

Understanding SpatialStatsFFt

To verify our understanding of SpatialStatsFFt, we wrote a short matlab script to calcualte specified values of the probablitiy density matrix.